Ted tries on his
new hat in 2006.
Paintings of WWII scenes by Ted Hasbrouck presented years ago for
display at the U. S. Pentagon. Where are they now?
"Bud" Hasbrouck, Jr. in training . . .  
Ted Hasbrouck was known as "Bud" in his
younger years.  Shown at right with a 20mm
cannon used on Liberty Ships for limited
defense, he receives training at Cadet School
before shipping out to the Pacific.
Ready to ship out . . .
Middle right picture shows Ted with pilot
friend Bill Hastings, prior to "shipping out"
for duty during World War II.  Both had
completed basic training.
Merchant Marine Flag
Below, Ted shows off the great Merchant
Marine flag he received and the hat from
Charles Smith, friend from the Merchant
Marine Association who helped secure his
Veteran's benefits.
Jose C. Barbosa
which saw action during
the Battle of Leyte Gulf . . .
Winfield S. Stratton
My Liberty Ships & More
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and more.  .  .
"Texas Ted"   World War II -- Merchant Marine .  .  .
John Jacob Astor
7th Naval Hospital at
Papau, New Guinea
Where I ended up after
my injuries required
hospitalization first in
New Guinea at the 7th
Naval Hospital in Milne
Bay and then, later, in  
An "Xray-hut" at the
Milne Bay facility during
WWII. New Guinea still
had cannibals living on
the island at that time.  
A Merchant Marine
patch from WWII era
that shows "Battlin'
Pete" -- Walt Disney