When I was married to
Beverly Murphy in 1950
Charles Smith, Merchant
Marine, and good friend
of mine who served in
almost every war since
WWII in some capacity!  
He works with the
Merchant Marine
Association and helps
men like me get their
Veteran's benefits.
Photo Album - Our Heritage . . .
Hasbrouck Family History

The Hasbrouck Family (crest shown left)
played an important part in the founding of
our country.

Abraham Hasbrouck was one of the twelve
Patentees who purchased the land that is
now New York from the Esopus Indians.  His
house and many others in New Palz, New
York, are very historic. The Jonathan
Hasbrouck House in Newburgh, New York,
was used as  General George Washington's
Headquarters during the Revolutionary War
that won our independence!  Joseph
Hasbrouck, and many other Hasbrouck kin,
fought during the Revolutionary War.

Ted was a member of the Dallas Chapter,
National Society Sons of the American
Revolution and a member of the Order of
Founders and Patriots of America (Kimball
line).  My daughter, Patty,  has now proven 16
different Revolutionary War Patriots--
including one woman--who helped in the
founding of our country.

This is something I'm very proud of -- that our
family helped in the fight for freedom years
ago.  We must treasure that freedom, and
thank all veterans who continue to keep our
country safe.

For more information, please see the
Hasbrouck Family Association website.
"Texas Ted"   Photos of people and places in my life . . .
(Below Left) Ted "Bud" Hasbrouck, Jr., age 19, a Cadet photo just before he went to the
Pacific. (Below Center) Ted in 2006 ready for the Veteran's Day Parade in Bonham, Texas.
(Below Right) Ted with wife Beverly in the 1970's while living in Richardson, Texas.
(At Left) "Stress" sculpture
made by artist Ted while at the
Chicago Art Institute in 1935 at
only the age of 11.

(Shown at Right) Ted at age 40
as a young advertising
executive and artist living in
Dallas, Texas.