Merchant Marine
memorial at Sheepshead
Bay, New York, the U.S.
Merchant Marine Academy.

Ted received his initial
training at San Mateo
Merchant Marine Academy
which no longer exists.
Texas Ted gets his new
driver's license . . . ready
to head out for seafood!
Commendation Letter from Vice Admiral Stewart
More Stories, Letters and Awards  .   .   .
Received this nice letter from
Vice-Admiral Stewart after he
learned we were doing
illustrated presentations for
the Alzheimer Unit.
After I returned from the war,
I worked as an illustrator,
first with Walt Disney, and
then doing all kinds of
advertising illustrations,
logos and layout.  "Elsie" the
Borden Cow, (above) was
one of my favorites!  (Shown
below) One of his favorite
little bears he drew for his
children and family friends.
(Left) Ted with his
daughter, Patty,
checking out the big
painting in its new
frame on Father's
Day, June 17, 2007.

His room was richly
decorated with
patriotic memorabilia,
photos of family and
close friends, and the
famous "canoe
paddle" he jokingly
said he would use if
the rains got too bad
in Fannin County.

We didn't realize how
sick he really was that
day, since he was
joking and happily
singing songs to us in
the morning!
(at Right) Ted
talks to old
friends at St.
Paul the
Church's 50th
Anniversary in
2006. Ted and
his wife and
family were
members in