Ted Hasbrouck, Jr., was known
affectionately by almost everyone
as "Texas Ted."

He lived at a Veteran's facility in
Texas where he tries to make others
happier with his positive attitude and
jokes along with his art, illustrations
and cartoons.  

At age 82, he continued to paint
and draw for veterans, their families,
and the medical staff who cares for
them on a daily basis.

"Even with all I've lived through
and seen in life -- I can still say I've
had a great life!" Texas Ted said,
"I just want to give something back
to others, to make them happy."

" There are a lot of veterans who
don't have family here or anyone to
give them hope or joy in their daily
lives, so it's really up to each of us
to do what we can to thank them
for their service to our country."  

"Maybe I can't personally change
their health situation or heal their
wounds from the war, but I can give
them something to smile about."

(Ted, you always did!)
An Artist and a Veteran . . . .
We are sad to report that our beloved father
and friend, "Texas Ted" Hasbrouck passed
away peacefully after a long illness at
Clyde W. Cosper Texas State Veteran's
Home in bonham, Texas. He was an 82
year-old veteran who served as a Merchant
Marine in the Pacific during World War II.
(For more information see WWII Story.)

His services were held on Wednesday,
June 27, 2007, at St. Paul the Apostle
Catholic Church, 720 S. Floyd Rd.,
Richardson, Texas, 75080 -- starting with
Viewing at 9 a.m., Rosary at 9:30 and
Memorial Service at 10:00 a.m.  His
original painting of the "Crucifixion" was
presented to his parish Church and after
the Memorial, a reception for family and
friends was held in the school.

Anyone wishing to do so, in lieu of flowers,
may make a donation to the "Ted
Hasbrouck Memorial Fund" at Holy Trinity
Seminary, P. O. Box 140309, Irving, TX  
75014-0309, or ONLINE via their website:

or you may purchase items here.  OR
email us at  

Donations to the Memorial Fund will go to a
memorial prayer bench at the Seminary,
and money collected here will pay for his
funeral expenses, and then, hopefully, we
will be able to purchase the TSVH in
Bonham a new van -- which was Ted's
dream to help all his fellow Veterans.

His lifelong love of art  brought him
full-circle  from taking classes at the
renown Chicago Art Institute as a child,  as
an illustrator for Disney, and, later, owning
his own advertising firm in Dallas, Texas.  

After retiring at age 72, he continued
to draw, even winning a logo contest at the
Senior's Center. Today, he paints in acrylic
and illustrates in other mediums offering  
gifts to Veterans, nursing staff, family, and
friends.  This website will offer a variety of
items including: prints, note cards, and
other collectibles spanning 70 years of the
artist's work from the 1930's to 2006.
Painting presented to Pontiff . . .

Crucifixion at Golgatha," was painted in the Spring of
2006 using acrylic and a variety of other mediums
which produced a simple, but striking effect.  One
night, the artist had a dream in which he saw the
moment Christ died on the Cross -- with intense
thunder and lightening with the ground breaking
open as if from an earthquake. The sun hides in full
eclipse behind an explosion of light and color.  

See complete story of the painting below.)  
Support Our Veterans and Our Troops!
We invite you to support all Veterans, especially those men and women who are currently
serving our country.  Make time to visit them, and ask what you can do to make their lives
better. They truly deserve our prayers and our admiration.
After completing the painting of his dream, Ted's great hope was to present the Pope with a
copy in honor of his 1st Anniversary as Pontif.  After a chance meeting in Dallas with one of the
Pope's staff, his daughter made arrangements to send the veteran's gift to the Holy Father,
Benedict XVI, in Rome, Italy, in summer 2006. For his 83rd Birthday in December, Ted received
a Papal Blessing.   

When Ted awoke the next morning, the dream was still so vivid in memory that he immediately
began sketching. The first version was quickly drawn with markers on a smaller sheet of white
paper with coloring added.

The second version (
shown above) was created in a large artist's sketchbook using simple
Marks-a-Lots and White-Out -- any material readily available in the nursing home.  He hadn't
painted in some years and had no artist materials to use.  Everyone who visited Ted's room
were amazed at the depiction and numerous people said they were "deeply touched" by the
spirituality of the art.

After showing this preliminary artwork to his daughter, Patty, he asked if she
would purchase new acrylic paints and long brushes so that he could paint from his
wheelchair.  The final version of the painting was then completed in about
one month using acrylic and mixed mediums on the 30" x 36" canvas.

People of every faith have found themselves drawn to this image and the intensity of the
explosion on canvas representing this pivotal moment in Christian history.  People from all
over Texas have asked the artist for copies, and over 200 have now been distributed to friends
and veterans.  (
more pictures)
My Story . . . .
"Texas Ted" Hasbrouck - - WWII Veteran -- Artist
"Crucifixion at Golgatha"
Second Version - Spring 2006
Our beloved "Texas Ted" went to his
final reward on June 18, 2007. Funeral
Services were held on June 27, 2007 at
St. Paul Church in Richardson, Texas.

We still hope to use profits generated
through this website to purchase a van
for Clyde W. Cosper Texas State
Veteran's Home in Bonham, Texas.
Anyone interested in helping with this
effort may call Patricia Martin:
(972) 333-6722.